Mercedes-Benz Atego

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Mercedes-Benz Atego
The Atego brings versatility and productivity in its DNA for various transportation tasks in the city and on the road. Its high performance, extreme durability, excellent load capacity, low operation cost and easy maintenance make the Atego stand out. Thanks to the great robustness and reliability, the Atego is the ideal partner for any distribution and short-distance transportation demands.

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Why Atego?
  • With its great versatility, practicality and robustness, the Atego perfectly fits to the diverse demands in cargo transport.
  • The Atego powertrain with large gear-spread ensures excellent performance as well as a high flexibility regarding various applications.
  • Thanks to the standard ABS brake system and a powerful engine brake, braking performance and the safety level is enhanced.
  • The set-up of the Atego provides a seamless integration between all components, combining high performance, excellent load capacity, low operation cost and easy maintenance.
  • With its efficient engine, low fuel consumption and an economical driving is ensured.

Check to compare141817251725 A
Gross vehicle weight (t)*1417.117.1
Wheelbases (mm)3,560 - 5,3603,560 - 5,3604,160
CabsS-cab; L-cabS-cab; L-cabS-cab
Axle configuration4x24x24x4
Suspensions (FA, RA)Steel, SteelSteel, SteelSteel, Steel
Engine typeIn-line 4In-line 6In-line 6
Displacement (ccm)4,2496,3746,374
Max torque (Nm)675900900
Emission classesEuro 3Euro 3Euro 3
Gearboxes (speeds)666
Axle loads / Weights (kg) *
1. Front axle,
2. Front axle
1. Rear axle,
2. Rear axle

Supporting the Atego’s flexibility and minimising operational cost: the Atego powertrain.

The Atego is equipped with a strong and robust 4.2 litres, 4-cylinder or a 6.3 litres, 6-cylinder Mercedes-Benz engine, ensuring excellent performance and low fuel consumption. The large gear-spread ensures a high flexibility regarding various applications. 

Featuring reliable, high-torque 4 and 6-cylinder engines as well as gearshift systems, transmissions and axles aligned with each application, the Atego delivers particularly economical operation. Three high-performance, weight-optimised and perfectly configured 6-speed transmission systems (optionally available with the Telligent automated gearshift) enable engine power to be transferred to the road without incurring loss due to friction The low-noise, low-maintenance drive axles have a positive effect on fuel consumption. And boasting a large number of different ratios, they deliver optimum drive configurations to handle virtually all applications.


The G 56-6 gearbox is an all-synchromesh manual gearbox with 6 forward gears and one reverse gear. It is available with engine-mounted linkage gearshift or Telligent automated gearshift.

The G 60-6 gearbox is an all-synchromesh manual gearbox with 6 forward gears and one reverse gear. It is available with engine-mounted linkage gearshift.

The G 85-6 gearbox is an all-synchromesh gearbox with 6 forward gears and one reverse gear. It features a hydraulic gearshift.

These transmissions also have the advatage that the hydraulic oil lasts for the lifetime of the vehicle, thus reducing maintenance work. 

The gearbox G 131-9 is a direct-drive gearbox with 8 synchromesh forward gears, one constant-mesh crawler gears and one reverse gear. It consists of a 4-speed basic gearbox with a pneumatic rear-mounted unit (R range). It is shifted hydropneumatically. 


The Allison Series 3000P electronically controlled automatic gearbox changes gear automatically. It features five forward gears and one reverse gear. The highest gear can be preselected by means of the pushbuttons of the pushbutton panel on the centre console – there is no clutch pedal.

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Brake system

To minimise stopping distances, we have fitted the Atego with a pneumatically actuated braking system with internally ventilated discs all round and ABS as standard. Not to mention a constant pressure system operating at 10 bar. The brakes respond faster, leaving more valuable time for the actual braking process. Even after the brakes are used repeatedly in quick succession, there is no fade or delayed response. An engine brake and constantly open throttle valve are available as standard.

Atego cabs

Two cabs for a wide range of applications. The S-cabs is ideal for short-radius operations – compact on the outside and spacious on the inside. Long cab with crew seat/bunk combination.Compact on the outside and spacious on the inside: the standard-specification S-cab is the perfect choice for city distribution. A host of equipment variants and configurations are available to give your cab the personal touch.