How to find loads for Flatbed

On behalf of the shipper, an optimal transport scheme is developed for the transportation of goods on Flatbed and notifies the customer that the goods will follow a specific route. The contractor must agree on the technology of transportation of goods in the necessary containers by the participants of the transportation process. Determining the type of Flatbed you want is done with the shipper. The forwarder provides the customer in advance with rates for the carriage of goods along the declared route.

The competence of the forwarder includes: make settlements with Flatbed and other participants in the transportation, ensure the payment of the railway tariff and additional charges, as well as the issuance of permissive telegrams. The organizer of Flatbed transportation on an additional request, if necessary, draws up a financial guarantee for the transit of excisable goods through the territory of transit states.

What are the benefits of this?

For the carrier, this means a number of advantages, namely:

  • finding the best route;

  • maximum benefit from work;

  • optimization of most work processes.

The artist is removed from the question of How to find loads for Flatbed, now he can fully devote himself to work and making money. The job of the dispatcher for finding loads for Flatbed is also gaining popularity, so readers can find interest in both directions. More information can be obtained from our representatives, who will tell you exactly how the process is going.

The freight forwarder, on a separate order from the "Customer", carries out the search and tracking of goods, notifies the cargo owner about it, ensures the passage of goods received at the connecting points, and payment through the territory of which the shipper makes. If there is a need for readdressing, the freight forwarder will take care of this. And these are not all the advantages that the service provides, which makes it so popular.