Truck dispatcher license

Most freight brokers are fair to drivers and give them enough time. But despite the fact that the penalties for late payment have been seriously tightened, there are brokers that pose certain risks. They apply to trucking organizations of all sizes, but pose special problems for small carriers, for whom the inability to receive payment for even one cargo can incur serious financial losses.

Licensing process

Given the responsibility of the profession, employers place significant emphasis on a positive driving experience and the responsibility of the prospective employee along with normal recruitment requirements. This will determine not only the possibility of employment and the size of future salaries, but also various bonuses and benefits. The whole process of obtaining can be conditionally reduced to the following actions:

  • filing an application;

  • filling out all the necessary documents;

  • provision of reports;

  • passing certification;

  • obtaining a license for the right to be a truck dispatcher.

This vacancy is also often found among the offers for drivers. Considering the similar type of tractor and the distance of transportation, the requirements and level of earnings in this profession are commensurate with the driver of an ordinary truck (truck). However, given the fact that the cargo has an increased danger, driving tankers earn more than in the case of conventional cargo transportation.

The amount of earnings for the transportation of tank trucks can range from 35 to 100 thousand dollars per year and, as in other cases, this value largely depends on the directions of transportation and their length. It should also be added that in order to obtain a vacancy for a fuel truck driver, in addition to the standard CDL (Commercial Driver's License) license, it will be necessary to obtain a permit for the transport of dangerous goods.