What best step to become a truck dispatcher

An experienced dispatcher can usually drive 5 to 8 vehicles at a time. And this makes it possible to make good money.

For example, you have 5 trucks that you provide dispatching services to. Each of them should earn between $20,000 and $23,000 per month. If a trucker does not earn at least $1,000 per day "gross", that is, income before taxes and all expenses (repairs, insurance, fuel, food, etc.), then the earnings will not be enough for him.

Most importantly, the dispatcher earns commissions on the entire gross income! Vehicle dispatcher - an employee who controls the movement of vehicles, as well as receives messages from drivers and customers, and is responsible for maintaining documentation. Representatives of this profession can work in organizations involved in transportation. It is the dispatcher who coordinates the actions of the warriors and accepts orders from customers, being the link between them.

Features of the profession

To work in this area, a secondary technical education is sufficient, although, depending on the company, a person who graduated only from high school can be hired. The dispatchers' salaries are not high, but the list of responsibilities is impressive:

  • registration of waybills;

  • knowledge of the rules for transporting baggage, passengers, cargo;

  • making report;

  • receiving incoming / outgoing calls;

  • knowledge of the rules for the transportation of goods and people;

  • knowledge of logistics and traffic rules;

  • knowledge of tariffs for different types of transportation, which the company is engaged in;

  • calculation of routes;

  • work with modern programs for PCs and tablets;

  • expedient use of the vehicle fleet;

  • maintaining a dispatch log;

  • drawing up a traffic diagram of vehicles;

  • monitoring the work of drivers;

  • briefing;

  • keeping a timesheet and others.

PCs and tablets are replacing vehicle dispatchers, so the profession is gradually becoming obsolete. Work in this area is chosen by women who want to work in a relaxed atmosphere, receive a fixed salary and a paid sick leave.