Three strategies to leverage company reviews

 Reviews are feedback from customers. Their opinion about the product and service, their experience of using it.

In today's business realities, reviews are becoming an effective marketing tool. But this is on the condition that they are properly handled. And how to do this, we have tried to figure out in the following material.

Why is feedback important?

Firstly, it's an increase in customer loyalty to the company. This is a clear demonstration that a product or service is purchased. Lack of reviews often arouses suspicion.

Second, reviews increase sales. Often customers place an order after reading reviews from other customers. A good detailed review works just as well as an advertisement.

Third, reviews allow you to look at your business from the outside. Identify strengths and weaknesses. To define the moments which it is necessary to change or improve.

Three strategies to leverage company reviews

So, let's move on to the 3 main strategies for using company reviews

1. Encourage customers to leave a review

There is such a problem that not every user leaves a review. It is important to try to get as many users as possible to share their opinion.

What you need to do to get the customer to leave a review:

- Remind the user of themselves. For example, send an email a week after the purchase asking about the experience after using the product/service.

- Reward with a bonus or discount for the review. Everyone loves pleasant surprises, so this kind of favorable offer often works.

- Conduct a survey on the site. This way you can get the general opinion of customers about your product/service.

2. Work with feedback

The review should not be left unanswered, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. Thank the user for their feedback and thank them for taking their time to share.

You should especially respond to feedback when it is negative. You need to clarify with the customer why he was dissatisfied and how this situation can be corrected. It is important to respond politely and with restraint.

If the review is without argumentation and simply says "I don't like it" it's worth clarifying with the client what he didn't like. Argumentation is important, not just dissatisfaction.

Receiving a response from the company the user feels its importance. The client understands that his opinion is important. And if he suddenly encounters difficulties, he will definitely be helped.

3. Feedback analysis

After collecting various feedback from customers, you need to analyze them. Pay attention to the highlighted strengths and weaknesses. What problematic points need to be worked out and solved. Based on customer feedback, you will be able to form a more accurate marketing strategy. That way you can bring the service or product to perfection. It is important to work through feedback in such a way that the customer will come back in the aftermath.

Testimonials are not just a customer's opinion of your product or service. It is an auxiliary tool for business development. That is why it is important to work properly with user feedback.