Mississippi Cargo Transportation

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Mississippi Cargo Transportation
Freight Section of the Mississippi Department of Transportation. 
Freight is simply the movement of goods from origin to destination and impacts Mississippi's residents and businesses in a variety of ways from transportation to market consumption to quality of life. MDOT strives to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of freight on our transportation system to promote the following goals: 
  • Improve reliability and reduce congestion on the primary freight corridors
  • Maintain the freight network infrastructure in a state of good repair
  • Improve economic benefits of the statewide freight network
  • Protect the safety and security of the freight infrastructure
  • Protect the environment while enhancing the freight network performance
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You can find information ranging from existing plans and programs to resources and upcoming events within this section. Detailed freight data for the State can be found in the MS Freight Plan. Please note that the MS Freight Network Corridor Assessments in Appendix C of the Freight Plan will be updated to reflect changes on an as-needed basis. 

Purpose of the Freight Plan
A comprehensive evaluation of the state’s freight transportation system allows for efficient planning and investment in the preservation, improvement, and strategic expansion of the state’s freight system. The primary objectives of the MSFP are to:

1. develop an understanding of the needs of Mississippi’s economy for efficient movement of goods and freight
2. identify a core network of critical freight movement corridors and their respective modal
3. assess the performance of Mississippi’s freight network and the challenges that might be
addressed through structured MDOT strategies
4. identify improvement strategies to ensure continued efficient and safe movement of freight within the key freight corridors

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This plan builds on the ongoing transportation planning process in Mississippi, as most recently reflected in the Mississippi’s statewide multimodal transportation plan, MULTIPLAN 2035. With completion of the Freight Plan, MDOT will have enhanced freight-specific information to incorporate into the next statewide plan.