New Jersey Freight Shipping

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New Jersey Freight Shipping
New Jersey freight shipping has lots of options. With great port access, intermodal rail lines and an abundance of truckload freight, shipping to, from and inside New Jersey is very affordable. The ease and cost of shipping into or out of New Jersey can be heavily based on proximity to major metro areas.

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The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is responsible for freight planning activities encompassing all modes of freight distribution. This includes the gathering of data on all modes, especially trucks, to inform the Department on the best use of resources for the maintenance of the state’s infrastructure.

New Jersey, at the center of trade, has always been a leader in providing the transportation infrastructure necessary to keep the economy on the move. Besides being at the crossroads of the domestic freight movement, New Jersey is the East Coast’s leading gateway for global commerce - its front door to the world.

Large trucks play a major role in the New Jersey economy, a part of the larger freight industry that includes air and water, rail, pipeline and their combinations. Terminals and warehousing centers connect these systems to deliver goods and also jobs. Of the more than 600 million tons of goods moved each year, 75 percent move by truck. 

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) strives to balance the needs of communities and motorists with those of the trucking and the freight industry. NJDOT has a role in safety initiatives and regulations applicable to the trucking industry.

A highly regulated industry, federal, state and local truck rules govern operations. For those who currently own or operate trucks, or those who are about to begin a career as a driver or trucking business owner in New Jersey, familiarity with commercial driver licensing and truck operations requirements should clarify the rules and regulations.

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The regulation of freight movement is complex, governed by a mixture of federal, state and local regulations. These are some of the most commonly requested Commercial Motor Vehicles regulations. Additional local restrictions and ordinances may also apply to these vehicles.
The New Jersey large truck routing regulations were established in compliance with the Federal Highway Administration's regulations for truck size and weight and the reasonable access provisions for commercial motor vehicles authorized by the amended federal Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982.