Transportation industry in the USA

Transportation industry in the USA

As a large and developed country, the US has all kinds of transport and their balanced system. Absolute and relative dimensions of transport infrastructure and rolling stock are very large. In the transport of goods, railways (38%), motor transport (28%), inland water (16%) and pipelines (18%), in transport of passengers - motorized (82%) and aviation (17%) are followed by railways. The share of railways, inland waterways and maritime transport in passenger traffic, with the exception of tourist cruises, is minimized. At the same time, the role of aviation in the transportation of goods is growing. Much of the US Navy floats under "cheap flags."

The USA transportation industry is extremely competitive. For those who get involved, whether as adriver, manager, or owner, it becomes possible to better facilitate the movement of goods. Depending on the company, some offer international and domestic services while some only work within North America. In either case, once companies receive vital goods, they sell them to consumers.

Transportation industry in the USA

A special role in the United States belongs to road transport. The total length of highways is 6261200 km. The main means of moving the population in most regions of the country - personal transport. Many families now have two or more cars. There is a wide market of used cars, which facilitated the annual exchange of old people for the new model. The car had and continues to have a huge impact on the lives of Americans. The modern spatial structure of undergrounds is generated by them.

It is also important to emphasize that, although transport primarily develops under the influence of production, it, in turn, has a great influence on its placement, specialization and co-operation. With the development of road transport, the processes of suburbanization are directly related, and the mobility of the population is very high.

According to all the major quantitative indicators that characterize the size of the transport system, the United States has no equal in the world. In fact, this country takes, it can be said, unconquerable first place in terms of the length of railways, roads and pipelines, the freight turnover of railways, cargo turnover and passenger turnover of road and air transport, the size of the car park, the number and capacity of airports.

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