General provisions

1. This job description defines the functional duties, rights, and responsibilities of LOGIST.

2. LOGIST is a direct participant in the organization and full functioning of logistic processes in the Enterprise

3. LOGIST is appointed to the position and dismissed from the position, in accordance with the procedure established by the current labor legislation, by the order of the immediate manager (head of the logistics department, director, general director, president, logistics director) of the enterprise.

4. Report directly to his Head (head of logistics department, director, general director, president, director of logistics).

5. The work of the LOGIST is guided by regulatory, methodological and other guidance materials in the field of transport, warehousing; standards and technical conditions for storage of inventory, procurement organizations, applicable customs legislation, "Job description", "Regulations governing intercompany relations", instructions of the head, charter of the enterprise.

6. Education: higher technical (economic, technical and economic)

7. Skills and abilities: ability to analyze, plan and manage. Building alogistics system in the enterprise. Design and organization of information flow in the logistics system. Knowledge of the logistics aspects of the enterprise (procurement, inventory, warehousing, transportation, customs clearance, insurance, distribution, information, and financial flows).

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