Technical condition of the truck

Technical condition of the truck

The car must be maintained in a technically good condition, as it directly affects its fuel consumption. Deeply mistaken are those who believe that the expense depends only on the health of the engine and the fuel system of the car.

In a car, almost everything affects its consumption:

Condition of fuel and air filters. They must be clean and productive and provide the engine with clean fuel and air.
Engine condition The compression should be normal, the valve clearance is adjusted correctly, the turbocharger should work efficiently, the exhaust manifold, the catalyst, and the exhaust pipe should have a normal condition. Do not neglect this, because the ventilation of the cylinders directly depends on the state of the exhaust pipe, which affects the engine power and fuel consumption.

The state of the intercooler. Check its tightness in all connections and the cleanliness of the radiator itself.
Battery status. There is nothing to comment on.

Condition of the truck wheels. Rubber must be inflated in accordance with the requirements imposed by the manufacturer. Lowered tires get very hot and wear faster. At the same time, the car will not have the necessary reel for an economical ride.

Technical condition of the truck

The state of the pneumatic system. There should be no air leakage. It happens that right after the stop, the pillows (pneumatic springs) “fall down”, then the driver has to gas a half hour and spends expensive fuel to pump air into the system.

Condition of brake linings. The brakes on the road train should always be in good condition, properly adjusted and work efficiently. Without this, it is impossible to drive safely, smoothly and in economy mode.

Condition of shock absorbers. With defective shock absorbers, you will have to break before any unevenness of the road so that the tractor or semi-trailer/trailer does not reach the critical amplitude of the vertical oscillation, which can lead to faults and loss of control of the road train.

The state of the fuel equipment. She should be fine. It should be protected from dirt, water, and other foreign mechanical and chemical impurities. It all starts with the timely replacement of fuel filters, cleaning of the nets, sumps, preventive inspection of nozzles sprayers, ending with filling with high-quality diesel fuel. Ensure that the fuel injection angle is correctly set on the injection pump.

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