Tips for preparing the truck for the winter cold

Tips for preparing the truck for the winter cold

Usually, the pipeline takes the pipeline from the cooling system, which does not allow the fuel to freeze even in a 40-degree frost.

Transfer all cars to winter diesel fuel.

The state of rubber greatly affects the safety of movement in the winter. We strongly recommend replacing the worn-out tires with a new one. Install tires with a block tread pattern on the drive axle, which will significantly improve traction. In short, prepare all the wheels of the tractor and semi-trailer for the onset of snowfall. Be sure to buy chains, because the truck can get stuck even on flat terrain.

Tips for preparing the truck for the winter cold

The driver will not be able to work comfortably in the winter without an autonomous heater. When moving from the cold saves and full-time stove. But in the parking lot, only autonomy will bring warmth to the cabin. Take care of its health. Periodically show it to experts.

Important stuff
Do not forget to pour a special liquid into the washer tank or add alcohol to the water. Simple water will freeze sooner or later.

Check the condition of the wiper blades (replace if necessary). Check the condition of the wiring of the truck and the trailer, check the operation of the hydraulic systems of the tractor and the semi-trailer.

If you pay attention to all the factors listed above, the onset of frost will not come as a surprise to you. At any time you will be able to start the engine normally and go on a flight.