The main criteria for the selection of truck drivers

The main criteria for the selection of truck drivers

So, we note the most important factors that must be considered when selecting candidates for the position of the truck driver.

Availability of the appropriate category. If you have a tractor with a semi-trailer, then the driver must have the category "E" (according to the new rules "CE"). For vehicles with a mass of more than 3,500 kg, you will need the category "C" and "C1".

Experience. We do not recommend taking too young drivers (although sometimes there are normal workers among them). Experience still has to be. Minimum 5 years, but better from 10.

Carefully ask the applicant about the previous places of his work. It is important to understand why the candidate quit. Take from the applicant the phone numbers of previous employers, call them and ask about the applicant.

As a rule, all the drivers say that they were terribly offended at their previous work, did not pay money, threw them, and so on. However, when checking it may be that the previous carrier kicked them out because of drunkenness because they smashed a car or committed something else.

The main criteria for the selection of truck drivers

Be sure to find out the opinion of the former employer about your job seeker. You can not take it into account when choosing, but you need to know so that later there are no problems.

Find out the candidate's repairability. Will he be able to independently perform some minor repairs? It is clear that no one will start up the engine, fuel pump or box, but a person should be able to repair the car and the trailer on the road.

Ask him what repairs he came across, what he did, what he could do. This is a very important point. If the driver can not change the oil or lubricate the parts of the trailer, do not contact him. Get one torment.

Find out the level of knowledge of cities. The driver will have to look for addresses of loading and unloading points in different cities of Ukraine or other countries. This should not be a problem for him. I will open a small secret - usually, truckers in this matter cooperate with taxi drivers, asking them how best to get to the right place.

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