Choose an economical driving style

Choose an economical driving style

Be sure to turn off the engine at long stops and parking. After all, you uselessly burn fuel. Work at idle along with oversized engine speed increases fuel consumption by 10%. But do not reach insanity. You should not turn off the car at every traffic light, because starting the engine increases the wear of parts.

Do not warm up the car for a long time. Half a minute after launch, you can quite begin to move smoothly in low gear.

Learn to move smoothly and calmly, without unnecessary acceleration and twitching. After all, a lot of fuel is consumed during acceleration and braking. Keep a distance to slow down less. Approaching the traffic lights, slow down in advance. If you see a red light, it is better to go slowly than standing still, wait for the green.

These recommendations will help trucks save on diesel fuel.

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